Chat with anyone!

Libon is the first app that allows you to share free text messages, photos and your current location with all the contacts from your address book*. Even with the contacts that haven’t installed Libon on their mobiles.

Chat with all your contacts has never been that easy! You want to send a photo of your birthday party to your friends but each of them is using a different messaging app or doesn’t use any? With the Libon Open Chat functionality we strive to make your life easier. You can send a photo from your Libon app to all of them even if they don’t have Libon installed. You will be able to chat, share photos and much more with all of your contacts as if they were Libon users.

* Your network operator could charge you for the mobile data consumption if you’re using the 3G (or 4G) network. Some of these features are only available on iPhone.

Customized solutions

Share your location with your friends

When you send your location through Libon, your friends receive a detailed map and can find you easily. This might make your life easier!

All your conversations on the same screen

Libon concentrates your voicemails, SMS, instant messages and your call history on one single screen. No need to navigate between multiple apps, you can now easily find exactly the information you need.

Libon is also this...


Free calls

Enjoy unlimited national and international calls towards all your Libon contacts, from all around the world, for free.


Libon Out calls

Make cheaper calls to landlines and mobiles in more than 100 destinations around the world with your Libon Out minutes.


Customized voicemail

Surprise all your friends by creating customized greetings for each one of your contacts or groups of contacts!


Visual voicemail

Listen to your voicemails when you wish and in the order of your choosing. Moreover, Libon can transcribe your voicemails into text.


Libon Web

Access Libon from any connected device. Now you can find your conversations and voicemails on your tablet or computer or any other device.