Create unique and
personalized greetings for
your groups of contacts!

You wouldn’t talk to your boss the same way you do with your friends, would you? With Libon, your contacts hear different greetings when they leave you a voicemail message.

Easy as pie! Create a personalized greeting for each one of your contact groups that you defined. Even the unknown or hidden callers can hear their dedicated greeting.

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Customized solutions

Extremely personalized greetings

The Libon Voice Tags feature will allow you to add your current location or the name of the contact calling you to your personalized greetings.

Let your contacts know that you're on holydays!

Easily create a voicemail greeting informing your callers of the days when you’re off, and eventually the person to contact when you’re not there.

Libon is also this...


Free calls

Free and unlimited national and international calls towards all your Libon contacts, from all around the world.


Smart chat

Use the free Libon chat and send text messages, pictures and audio recordings to all your contacts, from all around the world.


Visual voicemail

All your voicemails will be displayed on one single screen. Save time by listening to your voicemails by top priority.


Message transcription

What if you can’t listen to your voicemails? Thanks to the speech-to-text feature, Libon is transcribing your voicemails into text.


Text to speech

Create your voicemail greetings by simply typing your text; Libon transforms it into a vocal greeting with the voice of your choosing.



You will be able to find on the same screen, all your voicemails, Libon chats, call history and the pictures and locations you shared with a certain contact.


Web application

Access Libon from your computer or tablet by using your favorite browser.