Call all your Libon
friends for free

All your calls to your Libon contacts are free of charge* and unlimited when you are using a 3G or Wi-Fi network.

With Libon you can place HD quality calls. Forget about distance, you’ll be able to speak to your contacts as if they were by your side. And if you would like to call any landline or mobile, the Libon Out Option proposes very interesting tariffs towards landlines and/or mobiles in more than 100 countries*. That’s a sure way to reduce your phone bills.

* Your network operator could charge you for the mobile data consumption if you’re using the 3G (or 4G) network.

List of 100 countries where you can call with Libon Out

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Customized solutions

Keep in touch with all your contacts

Libon can synchronize your entire address book. No need for nicknames, you are ready to call and send messages!

Your international calls are now free

Libon allows you to call abroad, at will! That’s the best way to keep in touch with your friends, even if they’re far away.

Libon is also this...


Smart chat

Use the free Libon chat and send text messages, pictures and audio recordings to all your contacts, from all around the world.


Custom voicemail

You wouldn’t talk to your boss the same way you do with your friends, would you? Surprise them by creating customized greetings for each one of your contact groups!


Visual voicemail

All your voicemails will be displayed on one single screen. Save time by listening to your voicemails by top priority.


Message transcription

What if you can’t listen to your voicemails? Thanks to the speech-to-text feature, Libon is transcribing your voicemails into text.


Text to speech

Create your voicemail greetings by simply typing your text; Libon transforms it into a vocal greeting with the voice of your choosing.



You will be able to find on the same screen, all your voicemails, Libon chats, call history and the pictures and locations you shared with a certain contact.


Web application

Access Libon from your computer or tablet by using your favorite browser.